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Director of English (Primary Division)

Debora Beeler

Ms. Beeler earned a Master of Science in Teaching, Learning and Leadership from Oklahoma State University, Tulsa, Oklahoma, the USA and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She is a licensed teacher with current teaching certification in Elementary Education with the State of Oklahoma.


Ms. Beeler has been an educator since 1999 with a wide range of experience from teaching grade 1 to teacher trainer. She currently serves as an Advisory Teacher at the NET Section, Education Bureau, Hong Kong. Before joining the NET Section, 3 years ago, she taught in local government-aided schools in Hong Kong for 8 years.


As an Advisory Teacher she supported multiple schools with curriculum development territory-wide. Her responsibilities included designing and delivering ongoing professional development for NETs and local teachers as well as workshops for school-based curriculum and resource development, catering to schools’ individual needs. She has further cultivated professional leadership and communication skills with the ability to collaborate with local teachers and colleagues from various cultures in the implementation of a variety of primary literacy programmes. School-based support was carried out through an Advisory Support Plan to identify target objectives and develop strategies for achieving them accomplished through collaborative planning and teaching, classroom support, reflection and feedback.


Ms. Beeler was also a member of the development team for the seed project Social and Emotional Learning, Developing Character through Characters to support student growth in SEL skills development giving them opportunity to learn and practice SEL skills, applying that knowledge within the classroom and beyond. Using stories as the catalyst to learn how characters grow and resolve intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict helps students to understand and apply the concepts of SEL by using various SEL tools designed specifically for positive interactions with others.


She was also the team coordinator for designing an online workshop through asynchronous learning via the PDNETwork platform on the topic of Cross-curricular Approaches to the Learning and Teaching of English Language Education and STEM, encouraging collaboration across key learning areas.


Ms. Beeler’s pursuits of challenging and rewarding experiences have taken her from the United States of America to South Korea and Hong Kong. She looks forward to transitioning to Nansha, China and being a part of the dynamic community of Minxin School which offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of the pioneering team, forging new partnerships and establishing an excellent and innovative learning community for both students and professional educators.

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