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Campus for Talents

The Minxin campus is one that nurtures future talents. Its design principles are: ‘a green campus that leads to and develops from the heart’. The campus

nurtures the soul of life,

absorbs nutrients from the earth,

breathes breezes from the sky,

bathes in the warmth of the sun, and

is growing, developing its own marks in life.

The brand-new purpose-built campus is designed by Mr. He Jingtang and the School of Architecture of South China University of Technology. Occupying a 93-acre site with a construction area of 76,000 square metres, Minxin School is located in the designated Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau In-depth Collaboration Park in Nansha, south of Guangzhou. It is 1.7km from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) and is less than 1km from the High Speed Rail Qingsheng Station (35 minutes from Hong Kong by HSR).

The Minxin campus demonstrates science and innovation in primary and secondary education. With its green, low-carbon principles, the campus is full of energy. The plants, breeze and natural light permeates through the learning and living of our students.

Mr. He Jingtang and his team promotes a horizontal structure design. Inspired by the traditional Lingnan garden architectural style, the main campus is built on an elevated podium six metres above ground, with supporting facilities underneath the podium. The four main zones, namely Teaching and Learning Zone, Boarding Zone, Administrative Zone, and Sports and Leisure Zone, respectively, are located at the east, west, south and north sides of the campus respectively and are linked by winding corridors. The central courtyard serves as a space for extra-curricular activities and events. The elevated ground, centre-focused and tree-like growth design echoes the school vision of ‘with roots in Hong Kong, a heart for China and a global outlook’.

Facilities and amenities at Minxin include two lecture theatres, one with 300 seats and the other with 800 seats, a gymnasium, an outdoor sports ground, dining rooms, student dormitory, indoor-heated swimming pool, outdoor nature teaching space, Chinese herbal medicine garden, orchard, library, innovation centre, computer rooms, multi-purpose classrooms, laboratories, music rooms, visual arts rooms, dance studios, conference rooms, exhibition halls, meditative gardens, performing arts stage, salon plaza, and rooftop farm.

Minxin brings the Chinese herbal medicine garden, agricultural garden and orchard to the nature classroom. Students learn about the rhythm and cycle of life, appreciating the beauty in nature, while learning to treasure and be grateful for a campus that’s full of energy. Minxin students are inspired to be optimistic in their learning and endeavours in life.

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