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Vision & Mission

Our Vision


Founded by Mr LEUNG Chun-ying, Vice Chairman, The National Committee of The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Minxin Hong Kong School (Guangzhou Nansha), which extends the education ethos of Hong Kong, provides outstanding quality education to children of Hong Kong and other non-Chinese Mainland identities. Minxin welcomes its first cohort of students in September 2022.

The sponsoring body is registered in Hong Kong. It is recognised by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department as a non-profit-making and tax-exempt organisation.



Our Mission


To nurture broad-minded, biliterate and trilingual students with roots in Hong Kong, a heart for China and a global outlook.



The Meaning of the School Logo


The school logo of Minxin is so designed by a combination of the bauhinia and the first letter of Minxin, like an opened book, and also a trophy of quality education.


The spreading tree top represents ‘global outlook’, a sign of ‘broad-mindedness’. The five heart-shaped pattern of the leaves in the circle, affectionately known as ‘wisdom leaves’ by the people of Hong Kong, bears the same graphics as the emblem of the Hong Kong SAR, conveying the passion of having ‘a heart for China’. The tall and straight trunk and the consolidation of the school name in Chinese and English denote a robust academic foundation. The school campus planted with bauhinia trees also signifies the ‘roots in Hong Kong’. The school logo has the same colour scheme, bright red and white, as that of the regional flag of the Hong Kong SAR.


The school logo is designed by Mr HON Bing-wah, one of the most prominent masters of graphic design in Hong Kong and the whole of China. In 1989, Mr HON was appointed as a member of the Committee for the Selection of Flags and Emblems of the Hong Kong SAR by The Drafting Commmittee for the Hong Kong SAR Basic Law of The National People’s Congress. After judging nearly ten thousand proposals from all over the country, the committee delegated Mr WEN Lau, Mr HO Tao and Mr HON Bing-wah to modify and finalise the design.

Our School Song


The lyrics of Minxin school song was written by Mr LEUNG Chun-ying, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and composed by Mr Lin Feng.


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