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Director of English (Secondary Division)

Ms Christine Xavier

Ms Xavier obtained her Bachelor of Education degree from Edith Cowan University (Western Australia). She completed her Diploma in Teaching at Palmerston North Teachers’ College (New Zealand) and her Diploma RSA in Teaching English across the Curriculum in Multilingual Schools (London).
Ms Xavier has extensive teaching experience serving in both primary and secondary schools for over 15 years in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia before spending 14 years as a NET in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Minxin School, she was a Regional NET Coordinator at the NET Section, Education Bureau, Hong Kong for 9 years.


In this role she was a curriculum leader and collaborated with English teachers in secondary and special schools, including Native-speaking English Teachers (NETs), in the development of school-based English Language curricular and the implementation of the recommendations from the secondary English Language curriculum documents issued by the Curriculum Development Council of Hong Kong. She also organised and conducted territory-wide, regional and school-based workshops, seminars and experience-sharing sessions in addition to planning and conducting professional development activities. She developed effective learning and teaching strategies and activities and resource materials for English language teaching, particularly in the areas of 21st century literacy skills development, e-learning and language across the curriculum. Furthermore, to promote professional exchanges within schools, she conducted collaborative lesson planning and co-teaching and provided school-based support for teachers’ professional and curriculum development.


Ms Xavier has two passions: English language development across the curriculum and pedagogy. When students from different linguistic or cultural backgrounds are taught by teachers with awareness of these aspects of teaching, they can perform at their highest level. Her work with teachers in their professional development has therefore focused on developing teachers’ awareness of the language demands within texts, as well as how to deliver student centered lessons that cater for learner diversity. She is also keen to develop the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity – skills that all learners need for success in school, work and life.

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