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School Basic Information
Q:What is the school mission?
A:To nurture broad-minded, biliterate and trilingual students with roots in Hong Kong, a heart for China and a global outlook.
Q:What is the location of Minxin School?
A:Minxin School is located in Guangzhou Nansha (within the Guangdong-Hong Kong In-depth Cooperation Park), 1.7 km away from the campus of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou); less than 1 km away from the high-speed train Qingsheng Station (35 minutes traveling time to West Kowloon Hong Kong). Our school is located in a well-planned Hong Kong community covering an area of one square kilometre.
Q:What is the scale of Minxin School?
A:Minxin has a total land area of 96 acres, with a construction area of 76,000 square metres. With a total investment of about RMB 760 million, the main building includes four teaching buildings, three dormitory buildings, a stadium, an administration building and an auditorium, a sports centre, etc. The campus has an elegant environment and first-class facilities. The connecting corridors in all directions surround the centre, connecting each building seamlessly, which means "the same roots are of the same mind and the all the member in Minxin are connected". There are 36 classes in Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School, with the capacity for 1620 students in total.
Q:School traffic guidelines?

Get out of the Qingsheng Station (Exit D) then take the No. 22 Nansha bus and get off at Minxin School Station.

School Facilities
Q:What facilities are available at Minxin School?

The school facilities include: 800-seat Lecture Theatre, 300-seat Lecture Hall, Gymnasium, 300-metre Track and Field Stadium, Student Canteen, Student Dormitory, Indoor-heated Swimming Pool, Outdoor Classrooms, Chinese Medicine Plantation and Fruitland, Library, Computer Rooms, STEAM Lab, Multi-functional Rooms, Science Laboratories, Music Room, Visual Arts Room, Dance Room, Conference Rooms, Exhibition Rooms, Meditation Courtyard, Art Stage, Salon Plaza, Sky Farm, etc.

Boarding Life
Q:Is it compulsory for students to have boarding? If there have study companion dormitory for parents?

Minxin School provides 1,200 dormitories. All students from G7 to G12 have compulsory boarding. There is an option for G5 to G6 students. G1 to G4 students are only for day school, with no boarding option. Minxin School does not provide study companion dormitory for parents.

Q:Who will look after boarding students?

There are wardens who will look after boarders, and boarding tutors who are responsible for supervising and taking care of daily life routines. It is a school imperative that students are fully taken care of emotionally, psychologically and socially. The school health care team will take care of the students’ health.

Educational System
Q:What is the educational system of Primary and Secondary Divisions?

Minxin School is a non-profit organisation to provide 12 years through-train education with Hong Kong curriculum. It helps students to overcome the difficulties of adjustment for the transition from Primary to Secondary Division. The primary division consists of 12 classes from Grades 1 to 6. The secondary division comprises 24 classes from Grades 7 to 12. Students will have classes in groups with an approximate student-teacher ratio of 1:10, so that each student can receive appropriate care, guidance to promote the comprehensive development of student personality and academic progress.

School Life
Q:What is the schooling boarding and vacation schedule?

The school calendar will be distributed to students before the start of the new academic year in September. Holidays will tend to follow Mainland and Hong Kong schools.

Q:What extracurricular activities can students participate in?

Our extracurricular activities include academic, music, sports, service, and other categories. It aims to provide students with as many performance platforms as possible, so that students can enrich knowledge, gain friendship, increase the sense of achievement and happiness in the interaction.

The academic extracurricular activities of primary division include: Oral English Club, Fun English Reading, Chinese Story Club, English Creative Writing Club, etc. The secondary division includes: English Debating Club, Junior French, Intel AI Intelligent Driving Club, Model United Nations, Model Car Association, National Geographic Reading and Writing, etc.

Music and art extracurricular courses are also rich and colourful. Students can participate in percussion orchestra, Minxin Choir, wind orchestra, experimental creative painting, etc. Students can also learn cello, violin, flute, Chinese zither, Latin dance, Chinese painting, calligraphy and other arts, so that each child's unique talent can be fully realised.

Sports extracurricular courses include football, basketball, swimming, table tennis, physical training, fencing, cheerleading and other regular sports. Students also have the opportunity to go out of the campus and receive professional instruction in equestrian, solo canoe, sailing and other sports.

Curriculum, medium of instruction and the qualification of teachers
Q:What is the curriculum of the Secondary and Primary Division?

The curriculum of primary and secondary is seamlessly integrates its curriculum system with Hong Kong.

Primary Division Subject Categories: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Information and Communication Technology, Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts.

Secondary Division Subject Categories (HKDSE/GCE (AS & AL)/IBDP*) : Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Civil and Social Development, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, Chinese History, World History, Geography, Economics, Information and Communication Technology, Music, Sports, Visual Arts.

* Opening as soon as September 2024

Q:What is the medium of instruction? Is Chinese mainly traditional or simplified?

Both primary and secondary divisions are using majority English as the medium of instruction. In primary division, Chinese is taught in Putonghua, and General Studies is taught in Cantonese and English. The school also offers elective courses to allow students to explore different languages and cultures, allowing students to grow up in a multicultural environment. The campus provides an excellent language learning environment, organises different types of language learning activities, improves students' communication skills, enhances language skills, and builds self-confidence.

Chinese writing is based on traditional characters, supplemented by learning simplified characters.

Q:What are the teachers’ qualifications?

Minxin School is led by the head of school, Dr Halina POON, and a group of elite teachers with doctorates and master’s degrees, who together, create the most optimised international education and a group of elite teachers with doctorates and master’s degrees, who together, create the most optimised international education. And a group of elite teachers from all walks of life who have worked and studied in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries and regions as well as foreign teachers.

Q:How can I purchase the learning materials?

The learning materials can be purchased through the school.

Q:Will HKDSE students take the examination as self-cultivation students or on-campus students, and where will they take the examination?

The school has applied to the Hong Kong Assessment Authority to become one of HKDSE's Mainland examination centre in 2025. It aims to make the students’ study the same as they are in Hong Kong. Specific arrangements will be announced in due course.

Q:What is the cooperation between the Minxin School and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) [HKUST (GZ)]?

Located adjacent to each other and as two of the major projects under the ‘Demonstration Zone for Comprehensive Cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao’, Minxin School and HKUST (GZ) have entered into partnership to work closely in the future. In order to give full play to the resource advantages of the two parties in education and deepen cooperation and cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific and technological innovation. Both parties will set up an joint committee for further communication, co-ordination and implementation.

HKUST (GZ) conducts lectures, sharing and theme-based sessions in Minxin, bringing with them strengths of the university to help students develop in a wide range of areas, including artificial intelligence, big data, fin-tech, biotech, internet of things, autopilot, robots, advanced materials, intelligent manufacturing and microelectronics. Minxin School and HKUST (GZ) have established programmes such as Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) and Young Entrepreneur Scheme (YES) to allow Minxin students to experience university life and participate in workshops so as enhance their learning of and exposure to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. HKUST (GZ) will accept and offer credits to outstanding students from Minxin School for elective courses at the university. Based on policy and admission standards, the university will offer admission for up to 10 students from Minxin School each year through the Principal’s Recommendation Program. Minxin School will give admission priority to the children of the staff of HKUST (GZ) and provide assistance and support for the promotion of the university’s recruitment of undergraduates.

Further Study Path
Q:What are the opportunities for further study?

After completing the HKDSE courses and other international courses, students can apply to the Mainland, Hong Kong or overseas universities, based upon their academic achievements.

Q:Can a student transfer back to a Hong Kong school?

One of the great features of Minxin School is that we use the Hong Kong curriculum which can be seamlessly connected back to the curriculum of Hong Kong schools. This makes it easy for parents returning to work in Hong Kong and transitioning their child back to a Hong Kong school.

School Fee and Other costs
Q:Apart from tuition, accommodation and meals, will there be other miscellaneous costs?

Parents should be required to cover the costs of school uniforms, textbooks, school books, extracurricular activities led by outside tutors or coaches, study tours (for participants), public examination registration, subscription to newspapers and magazines (if applicable), class meeting dues, individual class activities (for participants), etc.

Catering and School Bus Service
Q:What are the catering arrangements?

The school cooperates with the professional high-end brand Sodexo to set up student canteen on campus including Chinese and western restaurants to ensure the provision of quality and healthy food services for teachers and students. Lunch will be provided for all students; whereas boarding students will be served 3 meals daily. Nutritionists will combine students' dietary preferences and seasonal changes and other specific conditions to match the week's recipes, recipes will be updated and adjusted every week.

Q:What are the admission requirements?

Minxin School is now inviting applications for 2023/24 G1 to G11 admissions (academic year commences at September 2023). Eligible applicants must be of Hong Kong identity or of other non-Chinese Mainland identities.

Useful Information and Contacts of Minxin School
Q:How does Minxin release information to the public?

Minxin School release updated information to the public through the school website and WeChat public account. Email, phone call and WeChat will also be used to contact parents.

Website: www.minxinnansha.org
Email: info@minxinnansha.org
Telephone: WeChat: Nansha: (86)020 66269688, 020 66269699 MINXINSCHOOL
Address:       WeChat Public Account: 3 Jiaxue Road, Dongchong, Nansha District, Guangzhou, People' s Republic of China.  
Q:Is there any transfer student arrangement after the school term starts?
A:Depends on the student's enrollment.
Q:What are the open days arrangements?
A: If there will arrange the open day, the school will release updated information to the public through the school website and WeChat public account. Parents can submit application for appointment through the school website: https://minxinnansha.openapply.cn.
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