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Medium of Instruction

Both primary and secondary divisions are using mainly in English as the medium of instruction. In primary school division, Chinese is taught in Putonghua, and General Studies is taught in Cantonese and English. The school also offers elective courses to allow students to explore different languages and cultures, allowing students to grow up in a multicultural environment. The campus provides an excellent language learning environment, organises different types of language learning activities, improves students’ communication skills, enhances language skills, and builds self-confidence.


Chinese curriculum in primary division focuses on cultivating students’ ability to appreciate Chinese culture and Chinese literature. Students can improve their literary literacy and moral education through reading poems. In the curriculum of English, students can read different articles and styles at different learning stages, together with the introduction of reading plans, oral reading plans and writing plans. Moreover, incorporate Graded Readers in the learning process makes learning English more fun. Literary Module is included in the English curriculum of Junior Secondary, various literary styles such as poetry, short stories, novels, etc. are introduced. Focus on learning language not only learning parts of speech, structure, and grammar as a tool, but also through language to experience culture and history, to understand how English is expressed in different styles. A rich learning context is cultivated through various school activities (English Society, Toastmasters, Debating Team, English Drama, etc.), with the aim to enhance English ability of students.


Reading can enhance students’ language ability, enrich experience, broaden their knowledge, cultivate their temperament, develop their imagination and gain joy. The school has a variety of book collection, and there is a huge and grand library for students to enjoy reading books. The school also encourages students to love reading and keep reading to broaden their reading horizons through a rich collection of physical books and e-books, as well as various reading activities such as book fairs, book clubs, reading clubs, etc.


The school also encourages primary division students to create picture books, so that children can have better use of the language and illustrations to express themselves in their creation. The school will also help the students to publish their picture books. It also encourages primary and secondary division students to write. A special school-based creative writing course is set up to appreciate students’ writing. The school will publish students’ work to acknowledge their efforts that helps to increase students’ sense of pride and self-confidence. Students can then become book lovers and engaged in writing.

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