Our Leadership Team
Head of School
Dr Halina Poon

Message from the Head of School

Remaining true to my original aspirations in education back in my salad days, now I seize the moment to pursue higher and more far-reaching dreams. For more than three decades in the past, having developed my skills and experience, I embrace vision, fulfilment and ambition, without doubt, to commit myself to education with strength and courage. In actualising my aspiration with a trembling and humble heart, I step beyond my comfort zone and to commit myself to serving this vibrant, dynamic and ingenious city of Nansha, Guangzhou and to our Motherland. I do look forward to sharing the education philosophy, experience and stories of Hong Kong, while learning and integrating the best and most outstanding essence of the education in Mainland China. I sincerely invite children of Hong Kong and non-Mainland Chinese families to grow with us.

‘Education is a social activity to pass on cultures, create knowledge, and nurture talents. Education is an important tool to advance human development and to push our own limits.’ (GU Ming-yuan, 2018). Education enlightens lives; life is an endless learning journey. I wish to share my vision with all stakeholders to shape our children’s future.

Shared vision: To follow our Chairman and members of the School Board, a group of dedicated people who always strive for excellence and ‘love the country and love Hong Kong’, we pledge to build Minxin a world-class leading school with a steadfast devotion to serve Hong Kong and contribute to our Motherland.

Shared vision: To lead a courageous and ambitious team of teachers who are conscientious, resilient, energetic, flexible and innovative lifelong learners. Aiming to create a rich and fulfilling future for our children and ourselves, we see ourselves a role model to students in lifelong learning.

Shared vision: To develop and gain trust from our parents who are the most powerful backing of the school. With the aspiration to cultivate students to lead a healthy and successful life, we are keen to collaborate with parents to sew up students’ resplendent lives and unleash their potentials to the fullest.

Shared vision: To mold students to appreciate and achieve goodness of the world. Through various curriculum and activities, we anticipate to foster students with decent character, broad-mindedness, good virtues and peacefulness. Possessing perfect integration of the best of East and West, and being indulged in knowledge, students are cultivated to embrace national pride and show their love to the Motherland, with roots in Hong Kong, a heart for China and a global outlook.

Shared vision: To bring Minxin in line with local and overseas universities, educational organisations and institutions. An extensive network with crossed-disciplinary professionals enables Minxin boundless vitality, support and resources in many ways. Minxin is going to be renowned as an exemplar of quality education, in which people would admire and long for.

Everything we do, we do it for our children. I look forward to ride on a wave of different challenges and set sail for the success of Minxin, our next generations. I invite you to join hands with us to make Minxin a legend. A warm welcome awaits you. Thank you.

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