Curriculum Director (Primary Division)

Dr. Wang Ying

Dr. Wang Ying received her doctorate degree in Linguistics (research scholarship awarded) from National University of Singapore (NUS) and developed a deep passion for teaching & learning. Before joining Minxin School, she has successfully worked as a researcher in Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL,NTU), an academic vice-principal in a bilingual school and head of teaching development for an education group, China region.


As an experienced Chinese teacher, Dr. Wang has accumulated a rich foundation in Chinese Literature and culture which reflected in her publications and creative writings. Dr. Wang believes the authentic learning outcomes generated from a joyful and engagement learning environment, in where learners will achieve their academic excellence, levelled up thinking and globally minded. Meanwhile, to ensure high quality education, Dr. Wang has devoted into professional development for Chinese teachers and conducted a series of trainings and workshops for different international schools, including Wellington College China, Nord Anglia bilingual schools and Jinan University. Effective teaching methods has been emphasised and extended in these trainings, in terms of inquiry-based learning, conceptualised understanding, thinking skills, collaborative learning and early academic research development.


In addition, Dr. Wang has very good understanding of various international curriculums, in terms of Chinese national curriculum, CAIE (O & A level IGCSE), IB, IPC and strong ability in curriculum development and teaching materials design. Her research findings had been presented in many international conferences in teaching and learning area.


Base on the solid foundations of applied linguistics and discourse analysis, Dr. Wang has been continuously worked on digitalised learning and became an active facilitator and practitioner. The Chinese corpus she co-created in SCCL provided a scientific basis for the new curriculum reforming and textbook development in Singapore. The automatic evaluation and correction system of Chinese compositions that she participated in the creation, not only greatly improved the work efficiency of teachers, but also provided students with more accurate reports for their writing works. Dr. Wang will continue to use the advantages of digitalised learning to improve the interest and engagement level of classroom teaching and learning, while providing a scientific basis for deep learning, graded reading, and the development of school-based learning materials for Minxin School.


Upon joining Minxin School, with her enthusiastic and strong passion about education as always, Dr. Wang has committed to ensure learners with the strongest academic foundations for success, to empower them to become discoverers for new talents.

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