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Application Procedures & Application Form

Admission Requirements

Minxin School is now inviting applications for 2022-2023 G1 to G10 admissions. Eligible applicants must be a Hong Kong permanent identity or other non-Mainland Chinese identities.


Admissions Talk

A series of online admission briefings will be arranged, parents are welcome to join.


Application Procedures

Online ApplicationFill in the online application form via the school website.
Application period28 February to 30 April 2022
Applicants will be invited to an interview once the application has been successfully submitted.
Successful candidates will be notified to proceed with the school registration.
Required documents
(Upload all documents to the school website)
○ A recent colour I.D. photo of the applicant
○ A copy of I.D. card / birth certificate / passport
○ A copy of Report Card(s):
G1 & G2 applicant: Upload the most recent year Report Card
G3 to G10 applicant: Upload the last 3 years Report Cards
○ Reading report (for G7 to G10 applicant):
English reading report and Chinese reading report (no word limit)
○ Self-introduction video: Cantonese, Putonghua and English presentation 1-2 minutes each, maximum 5 minutes in total
○ Learning Portfolio: Recommendation letter(s), certificates or achievements in music, sports, art, speech, mathematics or any other applicable areas
Admission CriteriaG1 – G10:
Academic performance: 40%
Interview: 30%
Conduct: 20%
ECA / Achievements / Service: 10%
RemarksInformation collected from an applicant will be used ONLY in relation to the application for admission. Such information will be disposed of at the conclusion of the admission exercise.
I have read and understand the above instructions and arrangements.


Application Form

    Applicant’s Information

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