Assistant Principal (Secondary & Primary Divisions)


Ms Meng, Assitant Principal, graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with a bachelor’s degree. She also holds a double Master’s degrees in education from the City University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. She has been working in international schools for more than ten years and has rich experience in academic and boarding management. Additionally, she has obtained the BSA Management Certificate and she completed the “Principal Leadership” course of Department of Economics, Harvard University of the USA.


Ms Meng’s experience of studying in Austria, the UK and back to Hong Kong has brought her unique Chinese and Western cultural background and she can bring an educational philosophy to her daily teaching, which has greatly benefited her students. Before joining the Minxin, Ms Meng worked in Harrow International Schools in Hong Kong and in Haikou as Boarding Housemistress and boarding tutor for both preparatory and senior school, as well as an academic teacher. Her excellent and varied teaching methodologies made her classes vivid and engaging. She taught IGCSE and A-Level classes and achieved outstanding results in the worldwide public exams. Besides this, Ms Meng brought her educational philosophy “holistic education to individual” into her boarding duties. Her students are well fostered whether they hail from western or eastern culture in the 3 “R”s —resilience, respect and responsibility.


In terms of social services, Ms Meng sticks to a “global outlook” and has brought it to her schools where she worked to establish the school charity department. Therein she organised, participated in and coordinated various charity activities and events. Service, should never be limited to campus. With this belief, Ms Meng actively seeks cooperation with social welfare organisations, which have helped students to fulfil the responsibility as a world citizen. In addition, Ms Meng also organised service trips, so that each student can start to contribute to their community and themselves cultivate the valuable morality: “contribute positively to our society”.


Ms Meng is enthusiastic about education, constantly improving her understanding of international education, absorbing the latest pastoral care methodology and bringing cosmopolitan and diversified education to the people. This education is not only reflected in the traditional classroom, but also in students’ boarding life. Boarding is an essential part of a student’s learning journey. Personalised nurturing concept to an individual is essential to create a successful boarding life. “Time and tide wait for no man, a moment into thin shreds.” Ms Meng is a lifelong learner and continues to pursue personal and professional development. In recent years, she has completed the “Mind-map facilitator course” by Tony Buzan, “the father of Mind Mapping” in the UK; and the Positive Parenting School Instructor course sponsored by the American Positive Parenting Association.


Upon joining the Minxin family, Ms Meng brings not only her experience in boarding management, pastoral care, safeguarding, student leadership, but also her vision to build a safe, comfortable, happy and caring harbour for Minxin students where they can rest, relax to be ready for new challenge. Ms Meng believes that “there is no the best but better”. She always pushes herself to improve and helps students to move forward into an unpredictable but promising future.

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