Vice Principal (Secondary Division)

Dr. Crystal Han

Dr. Crystal Han,Vice Principal, received her Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry) degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Han has been engaged in tertiary education for more than ten years, covering a wide range of fields, including chemistry, environmental science, biology, food, testing and certification. Dr. Han also has extensive experience in curriculum design, admissions and management.


Dr. Han, with broad visions, has fruitful achievement in scientific research. She has established active research collaborations with local and overseas universities and institutions. She obtained competitive research funding from Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) and published more than 40 journal papers, including research in education.


In addition, Dr. Han dedicates herself to serve the community as well as primary and secondary schools to promote science and technology enthusiastically. She has participated in the development of STEAM modules and served as the Subject Committee (Chemistry) of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority to review exam paper and provide professional advice. In terms of student support, Dr. Han has led diversified study tours and visits to different cities, which have broadened students’ professional and cultural horizons.


With great passion in education, Dr. Han is committed to development of a high-quality curriculum system and endeavor to nurture the happy and confident young generation with outstanding attributes “with roots in Hong Kong, a heart for China and a global outlook”.

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