Vice Principal (Primary Division)

Dr Herman Leung

Dr Herman Leung, Vice Principal, is an esteemed educator with a distinguished academic background, extensive professional experience, and a multitude of educational accolades. He holds a Doctor of Education Degree from The Education University of Hong Kong, where he achieved the prestigious honour of being listed on the Dean’s List for his doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, he received an outstanding award in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education program.


In addition to his remarkable academic achievements, Dr Leung has acquired substantial expertise through various roles. He served as a Lecturer in the Department of Education Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University and held positions as a Course Developer and PGDE Tutor at the School of Education and Languages at Hong Kong Metropolitan University. His expertise as a guest speaker has been sought after by prestigious institutions such as MIT, HKFEW, GCCCE, HKMEC, EdUHK, HKMU, and USM, where he has had the privilege of sharing his insights and knowledge.


Dr Leung has demonstrated his leadership abilities and educational vision through his roles as the founder, department head, and curriculum developer for Information and Communication Education and STEAM Education. Additionally, he has held positions as the Head of Teacher Professional Development, Vice Panel of General Studies, and Vice Panel of Mathematics Education. Moreover, he shoulders diverse administrative responsibilities, including student admissions, e learning, online learning, parent education, and more.


Throughout his illustrious career, Dr Leung has exhibited unwavering dedication to excellence and a profound passion for education. He has been honoured with numerous awards for his outstanding contributions to the field, including the Outstanding Teacher Award Winner – School-based Management Section by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers – Outstanding Teacher Election, the President’s Awards for Excellence in Inspirational Teaching by Hong Kong Metropolitan University, the Top 10 STEM Teacher Award by the HKNETEA The Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Award Scheme, and the Learning Design Award by the HKU Teacher Award Scheme, among others. These esteemed accolades reflect his unwavering commitment to excellence in education and his fervent Drive to inspire and empower students to reach their full potential.


Under Dr Leung’s guidance, his students have attained remarkable achievements and garnered numerous accolades. These include being crowned the Champion of the World in Coding – Coding Star Year Award at the Matatalab World Robotic Competition and securing the Champion title in the National Youth Drone Challenge Formation Flying Obstacle Challenge. Noteworthy accomplishments also encompass the Gold Award at the STEM Education Fair, Champion at the Tello Drone – Formation Flying’s Coding Competition in the Greater Bay Area (Primary), Champion at The Primary Schools Science Competition in New Territories West, Champion at the Hong Kong STEM Tello Drone Competition (Primary) in both overall and 3-D labyrinth categories, and more. These notable triumphs exemplify Dr Leung’s commitment to providing his students with a nurturing and inspiring learning environment that fosters their full potential.


As an educator, Dr Leung’s overarching goal is to foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages students to embrace risks, ask probing questions, and explore new ideas. Whether in the classroom, online, or within the community, he remains steadfast in his mission to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of his students and the broader world.

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