Head of Primary Division

Ms Jenny Lo

Ms Lo joined Minxin School as a founding Vice Principal of the Primary Division when the school opened its doors to students from Grade 1 to Grade 10 in September 2022. In the past one year, Ms Lo established the Primary Division as a place where Grade 1 to Grade 6 students develop their love for learning, cultivate confidence, and grow both academically and personally in a holistic and nurturing educational environment. Since September 2023, Ms Lo has taken on an even greater role in shaping the direction of the school as the Head of the Primary Division. She is dedicated to developing a distinctive primary curriculum at Minxin School.


Ms Lo brings to Minxin both professional educational qualifications and hands-on experience as a classroom practitioner and a school leader. Most notably in her credentials are her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Management from the University of Hong Kong, and completion of the ‘Preparation for Principalship Course for Aspiring Principals’ from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining Minxin, she served as an administrator at Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division, a prestigious institution known for nurturing future leaders. Furthermore, she possesses experience in teaching secondary school students, showcasing her versatility and depth of understanding across different age groups. Ms Lo’s wealth of experience equips her with a comprehensive and insightful understanding of primary school students, greatly contributing to her leadership in creating an enriching educational environment at Minxin.


Recognising the significant role that teachers play in the education of young learners, Ms Lo is highly committed to professional growth, both personally and for her peers. An enthusiastic participant in educational workshops and seminars, Ms Lo is also frequently invited to give presentations to share her insights into education. A textbook she authored has been widely adopted by primary schools in Hong Kong. Additionally, she has served as a part-time Lecturer for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the University of Hong Kong, where she guides aspiring teachers on effectively delivering their subjects while instilling positive values in their students.


Ms Lo’s commitment to education extends to curriculum design, another of her passionate areas. Having led students on academic and culture exchanges to various countries including the USA, Europe, Japan, and other Asia countries. Ms Lo has developed an appreciation of the strength and features of leading education systems. Combining her experience and expertise, Ms Lo’s influence resonates in a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates the finest elements of Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, and international education paradigms, creating a unique educational experience for the students at the Primary Division of Minxin School.


Under Ms Lo’s leadership, the Primary Division achieves excellence in a nurturing and enriching educational atmosphere, prepared to empower students to become pioneering leaders on the global stage.

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