Vice Principal (Primary Division)

Ms Susanna Chung

Ms Susanna Chung received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of Liverpool, with a major concentration in Education and Fine Arts. She later completed a Master’s Degree in Education and Psychology at the Hong Kong Baptist University and also, in due course, completed the Preparation for Principalship Course at The University of Hong Kong.


Ms Chung has held a number of positions throughout her teaching career, ranging from a Subject Head to Senior Teacher for Curriculum & Assessment. Most recently, she has been Deputy Principal in the Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division. Ms Chung therefore has many years of teaching and administrative experience across a variety of fields, including working in both Aided Schools and Direct Subsidy Schools.


Having been a Committee Member of the Hong Kong Association of Deputy Principals since 2012, Ms Chung has wide experience in helping to create professional collaborations and sharing among deputy principals in Hong Kong. In addition, Ms Chung has worked with teachers in a variety of roles as well as undertaking action research. She submits research papers for journal publication and gives presentations in both local and overseas education conferences (ERAS, APERA-HKERA and ISATT etc.). This natural drive to explore, learn and grow encourages Ms Chung to continue to strive for her own lifelong learning.


Welcoming the opportunity to draw on her continuing passion for being an education leader, Ms Chung very much welcomes this new opportunity to work with a team of pioneer educationalists. Ms Chung believes that education involves the development of the WHOLE person. In this way, the potential of every student can be fully developed to serve the country and to create a much brighter future.

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