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What are the details of the cooperation between the school and HKUST (Guangzhou)?

Minxin School is adjacent to HKUST (Guangzhou), both are key construction projects of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Demonstration Zone” in Nansha, Guangzhou, and will play an important leading role in the educational development in the Greater Bay Area. To fully utilise the resources of both parties, we will establish a partnership to share resources, cooperate in cultivating talents, and jointly promote scientific and technological innovation. Professors and postgraduate students of HKUST (Guangzhou) will conduct keynote speeches and offer professional instruction to Minxin School, to let our students explore different fields of study, such as Artificial Intelligence, Financial Technology, Biotechnology, Internet of Things, Autonomous Vehicle technology, Robotics, Advanced Materials, Intelligent Manufacturing, Microelectronics and etc. Through the establishment of YSS (Young Scientist Scheme) and YES (Young Entrepreneur Scheme) programs with HKUST (Guangzhou), the school provides students with the opportunity to experience college campus life and participate in workshops on related topics, also to enhance students’ interest in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. HKUST (Guangzhou) will support STEAM Fairs, student exchange activities, workshops, lectures, innovation and technology competitions and staff training, organised by Minxin School.  We plan to invite schools from Hong Kong, Macau and other cities in the Greater Bay Area to participate in these activities. HKUST (Guangzhou) will accept and offer credits to outstanding students from Minxin School for elective courses at the university. Based on policy and admission standards, the university will offer admission for up to 10 students from Minxin school each year through the Principal’s Recommendation Program. Minxin School will give admission priority to the children of the staff of HKUST (Guangzhou) and provide assistance and support for the promotion of the university’s recruitment of undergraduates.

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