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Boarding Life


Minxin boarding creates a warm, caring and safe living environment where students learn to be independent and resilient, and develop positive interpersonal relationships.


The boarding team, including warden and boarding tutors, provides excellent care for the boarders. Together with the medical team, boarding staff help boarders develop positive daily habits and support them in their physical and mental wellbeing.


Boarding life helps students develop their routine, perseverance, team spirit and joy. Complementing the learning and activities during the day, boarding encourages students to be independent and to take care of themselves. At evening study, they form good learning habits and build a strong academic foundation, preparing them for success in future.


Developing interpersonal skills is an important aspect of boarding. Having a harmonious relationship with their friends in boarding, learning to be accommodating and understanding, and to help one another – these are important skills in life and at work. Living with other students also fosters positive and deep friendships, building the foundation for a strong future network.


Boarding life at Minxin is vibrant and rich. Through the school’s activities and events, boarders at Minxin enjoy the great campus facilities and beyond-Minxin resources. Events such as high-table dinners, talent shows, evening chats encourage boarders to broaden their horizons and realise their potential. Boarding enriches their learning experience and brings joy and fun to their campus life.


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