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What is the curriculum of the Secondary and Primary Division?

Minxin School offers the Secondary and Primary curriculum recognised by the Hong Kong Education Bureau. G7 and G8 will adopt the Hong Kong and school-based curriculum, G9 and G10 integrate the IGCSE curriculum into the HKDSE curriculum, G11 and G12 offer GCE (AS & AL) courses and HKDSE courses. The school will consider offering an IBDP curriculum in the future. The school focuses on students’ in-depth learning, immersive biliterate and trilingual education, integrating Chinese and foreign culture that consist of Languages, Innovation and Technology, Humanities, Sports and Art as content, and uses Inquiry-based Learning, Share Start Strategy, Self-directed Learning, Deep Learning, Innovation-oriented, Practice-based Approach, Experiential Learning and e-learning to form a distinctive T-shaped curriculum at our school. This unique T-shaped curriculum allows students to broaden their knowledge, to have in-depth understanding of each subject and to have the ability to study and explore new knowledge areas. This is to help the students to acquire the ability to have in-depth learning, cultivating their life-long learning journey.


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