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What extracurricular activities can students participate in?

Our extracurricular activities include academic, music, sports, service, and other categories. It aims to provide students with as many performance platforms as possible, so that students can enrich knowledge, gain friendship, increase the sense of achievement and happiness in the interaction.

The academic extracurricular activities of primary division include: Oral English Club, Fun English Reading, Chinese Story Club, English Creative Writing Club, etc. The secondary division includes: English Debating Club, Junior French, Intel AI Intelligent Driving Club, Model United Nations, Model Car Association, National Geographic Reading and Writing, etc.

Music and art extracurricular courses are also rich and colourful. Students can participate in percussion orchestra, Minxin Choir, wind orchestra, experimental creative painting, etc. Students can also learn cello, violin, flute, Chinese zither, Latin dance, Chinese painting, calligraphy and other arts, so that each child’s unique talent can be fully realised.

Sports extracurricular courses include football, basketball, swimming, table tennis, physical training, fencing, cheerleading and other regular sports. Students also have the opportunity to go out of the campus and receive professional instruction in equestrian, solo canoe, sailing and other sports.

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