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What facilities are available at Minxin School? Will all of the facilities be completed before school commences?

The school facilities including: 800-seat Lecture Hall, 300-seat Lecture Hall, Gymnasium, 300-metre Track and Field Stadium, Student Canteen, Student Dormitory, Indoor-heated Swimming Pool, Outdoor Classrooms, Chinese Medicine Plantation and Fruitland, Library, Innovation and Technology Centre, IT Rooms, Multi-functional Rooms, Laboratories, Music Room, Visual Art Room, Home-Economics Room, Dance Room, Conference Room, Exhibition Room, Meditation Courtyard, Art Stage, Salon Plaza, Sky Farm, etc. The construction of the school campus is in progress according to schedule and is expected to be completed by the end of May this year.  We expect that all the facilities will be ready when school starts in September. The school library will be opened to students in this academic year.

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