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Curriculum Overview

G1-G12 (Only G1 to G10 has been open for 2022/23, and will be extended to G11 and G12 for 2023/24 and 2024/25 respectively).


Minxin School runs a Hong Kong-based curriculum for primary and secondary divisions. G7 and G8 will adopt a Hong Kong-based curriculum and school-based curriculum. G9 and G10 will incorporate IGCSE curriculum into the Hong Kong DSE curriculum. G11 and G12 will have GCE (AS & AL) curriculum along with the Hong Kong DSE curriculum. The school will adopt the IBDP curriculum in 2024/25 academic year the earliest.


Curriculum Characteristics

Core T-shaped Curriculum
The school focuses on students’ in-depth learning, immersive biliterate and trilingual education, integrating Chinese and foreign culture that consist of Languages, Innovation and Technology, Humanities, Sports and Art as content, and uses Inquiry-based Learning, Share Start Strategy, Self-directed Learning, Deep Learning, Innovation-oriented, Practice-based Approach, Experiential Learning and e-learning to form a distinctive T-shaped curriculum at our school. This unique T-shaped curriculum allows students to broaden their knowledge, to have in-depth understanding of each subject and to have the ability to study and explore new knowledge areas. This is to help the students to acquire the ability to have in-depth learning, cultivating their life-long learning journey.
Subjects offered in Primary Division: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, General Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts.

Subjects offered in Secondary Division (HKDSE / IGCSE / GCE (AS & AL) / IBDP courses*): Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Citizenship and Social Development, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, Chinese History, World History, Geography, Economics, Information and Communication Technology, Home Economics, Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts.
*The offering of IBDP courses will be earnestly considered in 2024/25 academic year the earliest.


Science & Technology Innovation and Digital Curriculum
In line with the 21st century and the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country, Minxin makes good use of the geographical advantages of the school, and also cooperates with The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou), other higher education institutions and institutions in Hong Kong and China to focus on the separation approach, spiral approach and to develop school-based STEAM curriculum. Also, the school aims to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Financial Technology (Fintech), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics and Biotechnology in the curriculum and co-curricular activities in our primary and secondary divisions.

Cross-curricular and Nature-Inquiry based Curriculum
Through theme-based inquiry learning, cross-curricular programme and comprehensive activities, we promote the development of student learning and help them to build up a solid foundation. The school has a unique natural environment that can enhance student perceptual ability. The school integrates traditional Chinese medicine gardens, plantations, and orchards into the natural classroom, allowing students to experience the laws of nature, the cycle of life, the beauty of the symbiosis of all things, and proper learning pace. We teach them to cherish and be grateful. In a campus full of vigour, students become proactive and diligent.

Values Education and Minxin’s Core Curriculum
Minxin attaches great importance to students’ character quality and values education, and establishes their correct values, outlook on life and global perspective. A special school-based “Minxin’s Heart” curriculum is set up, which aims to build up students as mature citizens in terms of individual, family, school, society, country and the world from the four dimensions of “Knowledge, Emotion, Intention and Action”, and cultivate their broad-minded thinking derived from “roots in Hong Kong, a heart for China and a global outlook” to achieve a splendid life.

Positive Education and Social Emotional Learning
Positive education is the application of the concept of positive psychology in the school environment, so that students can move to a fulfilling life. The goal of positive education is to strengthen one’s inner abilities. Through proper use of character strengths and accumulation of positive experiences, positive emotions and a sense of happiness can be built up. Minxin is determined to establish that students have a growth-driven mindset and build their social-emotional skills. Learning focuses on self-awareness, self-management, relationship building and social awareness to adapt the future society change, make right decisions, and become responsible citizens of the future.

Co-curricular Curriculum
Whole-person education is an emphasis of the school. Through diversified activities, students’ potential can be explored and students’ horizons can be broadened, which enhances their learning ability and develops students’ interests. The school provides a variety of co-curricular activities and training, mainly divided into academic, music, sports, art, service and other categories. In addition, volunteer services are also set up to broaden students’ horizons and reach out to all sectors of society, through the implementation of the ‘Volunteer Ambassador Programme’. All students can participate in volunteer services as a way to reciprocate society.

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