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Gifted Education

Minxin School believes that every student is unique and has unlimited potential, and that every student can be cultivated into a leader. Therefore, we also emphasise gifted education and leadership training. Appropriate educational opportunities are provided to unleash students’ individual potential, so as to identify and nurture gifted students in a systematic and direct way.

We focus on inspiring students’ thinking, nurturing creativity and personal and social skills, making gifted education highly regarded and exclusive. Through different subjects, curriculum, teaching strategies, homework, grouping and assessment, feedback, extended learning activities and co-curricular activities, students can enhance diverse learning experiences and explore their creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership more fully.


The school adopts the “Three-Tier Implementation Model” to plan and implement school-based gifted education. We incorporate the three gifted elements of higher-order thinking skills, creativity, and personal and social skills into the school-wide curriculum at Tiers 1 and 2. Minxin School also provides specialised or interdisciplinary extraction training programs for students with higher abilities, and provides specific off-campus specialized training and learning opportunities for highly gifted students. Therefore, we strive to introduce resources from out-sourced organisations, including leaders and elites from different fields, and hold the ‘School of Celebrities’ and Masterclass so that students can achieve growth in a multitude of up-and-coming areas.


The school actively organises on-campus TED talks, local and overseas study tours, global classrooms (including educational exchanges with local and foreign sister schools or institutions), life-wide learning activities, community services and experiential learning activities, talent training courses, foreign language courses, a role in class, house, Minxin leaders, and other co-curricular activities to cultivate students’ multiple intelligences and whole-person development, become future leaders, serve the country, and benefit the society.

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